Mon Amie

Mon AmieThanks to the perfect interplay of collagen and tanning, mon amie, the first Collarium® worldwide, makes the dream of youthfulness and attractiveness come true. There is nothing closer to our hearts than your beauty and health, especially that of your skin. Appealing complexion, silky smooth skin and youthful freshness – provided by mon amie!

The light spectrum provided by the specially designed Collagen Plus Tubes in the mon amie Collariums® does not only refill the collagen deposits of the skin which compensate for the loss of elasticity and moisture. Additionally, it strengthens the body’s entire collagen network which also comprises sinews, ligaments and joint capsules. Optional UV-tanning provides you with a fresh complexion and recharges your vitamin D batteries. Feel the power of light – to boost your health, beauty and vitality!