Q. How do I know which bed I should use?

Tantini offers a variety of state of the art equipment. We provide each client with a tour of the salon and a consultation to create the perfect tanning regimen for your needs and desired results.

Q. How long will I be in the tanning bed?

The tanning time will be determined by a certified tanning consultant during your visit. This determination is based on a skin type analysis to include identifying hair, eye, and skin color, how you naturally tan in the sun and recent sun exposure. Tan times will be determined by your skin type analysis form.

Q. Should I use a tanning lotion before tanning?

ALWAYS! The use of tanning lotion keeps the skin moisturized during your tanning session, accelerates color, assists in results for hard to tan areas and extends the life of your tan. Lotions should be applied prior to tanning and can increase your tanning potential by up to 40%. Tantini Tanning Bar recommends using an indoor tanning lotion with each session. 

Q. Can I use my tanning lotion for my body on my face?

YES! We recommend the use of specially formulated facial lotions to help aide in color development and to keep your tan lasting longer!

Q. Can I use an outdoor tanning lotion while tanning indoors?

No. The professional make up of indoor tanning lotions are specifically designed to work with indoor tanning equipment. They contain the right ingredients to moisturize and maintain optimal skin condition. A TTB consultant will assist you in selecting the right products for your tanning needs.

Q. How long should I wait to shower after using UV tanning equipment?

You may shower at any time after tanning in any of our beds or booths. However, if a tanning lotion with bronzer is used, we recommend waiting for at least a few hours as some bronzer have DHA (sunless ingrediant) that helps provide clients with instant color!